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Helicopter Rides

Intrepid Helicopters will be in Lansing, Michigan at the Greater Lansing Balloon Festival offering helicopter rides to the festival goers. The rides will be around 5 minutes long and the cost is $40/person. Cash or credit is accepted. 


-Helicopter carries 3 passengers and we must have 2 passengers to go


-Weight limit per passenger is 275 lbs and the total weight for all 3 passengers is 600 pounds.


-If the total weight is getting close to 600 pounds or the individual weight is over 200 pounds you will be subject to get on a scale that only we can read. This is for everyone's safety and to abide by the limits of the aircraft.


-prefer children older than 2 years old and all minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. 


Because this is first come first serve we can't stress how important it is to come early and get your ride especially as we are only there for 6 hours!!

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